• Ideas to Manage Paperwork Effectively

    With aging in place a lot of planning is required to do so effectively.  Caregivers and Seniors have many of the same requirements that they have always had such as managing bills, insurance, appointments, activity schedules. These obligations do not simply stop as we age. Household and lifestyle management are still things that need to be monitored. However, as time progresses, cognitive decline and sudden ailments can reduce the ability to effectively manage paperwork and thus household requirements. Caregivers have to step in provide a lot of support in addition to supporting managing their own households. This can be very demanding on them as well. However, there are a few tips, I want to offer caregivers and seniors who are aging in place.

    1. Designate someone you know and trust to manage your personal affairs, should you require this assistance. Be sure to keep in a safe accessible location important  passwords and telephone numbers to: personal contacts, handyman, primary care physicians, mental health providers,  9-1-1, eldercare lawyers. Many of us have these stored in our phones, but having a back up is essential, especially if your phone device has password protection.
    2. Create an effective filing systems to manage important bills and health information.
    3. Be sure to keep a calendar with important appointments. Also, consider an online calendar and share access with a third party that you know and trust.
    4. Consider keeping wills and legal documents locked in a locked safe or at you lock box at the bank.

    These are just a few ideas to get thinking about managing your paperwork effectively. If you need assistance with getting organized and implementing effect strategies. I recommend you contact a local professional organizing professional. Sometimes it is helpful to have a third party teach and implement  effective solutions and keep your vital documents accessible and secure. Here in Roanoke, Aging Well has worked with a service called WOW Organizing many times and can attest to the work performed by Ann Custer. Give her a call at 540-420-8225.  Also, please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what are some of your biggest obstacles in managing paperwork?

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