Lifestyle 360™ Care Management Program

What We Do?

We administrator our proprietary Lifestyle 360 Optimal Living Assessment. After interviewing a senior and their family, Aging Well Roanoke Valley’s team builds a priority list and action plan around 10 elements and what the senior needs and wants from each one. A Geriatric Case Manager then brings in services and resources to help the senior be more empowered and live the kind of life they want to live.

Why use a Geriatric Care Manager?

The healthcare industry has never been more confusing, and medically complex conditions can be particularly challenging. Day-to-day life may be filled with struggles and stress as you cope with all the facets of coordinating care. Special consideration should be take for those considering Aging-in-Place vs Facility Based Care. A home care study showed that over 50% of all seniors, do not have reliable advocates for their care! Senior Lifestyle Concierge helps to fill this gap by providing a professional geriatric care manager (or as we call them Lifestyle 360 Advisers) to coordinate your loved one’s healthcare needs from an objective 360 degree point of view. Not only does our geriatric care management service address social, mental and health wellness and care coordination we connect you with top experts and partners in our network with expertise in financial planning and legal assessment, and senior living. Our Lifestyle 360 concierge program is implemented in three parts:

Part I. In-Home Assessment and Evaluation

After an initial phone call, we will visit the client’s home and perform a comprehensive evaluation that includes:

  • Physical and mental limitations Presentation2
  • Social interests and Personal preferences
  • Legal and financial assessments
  • Health insurance and coverage
  • Individual and Family Goals

Part II. Care Planning

Our Lifestyle 360 ™ Optimal Care Plan addresses each area and provides recommendations based on the information gathered in the initial assessment. The goal of care planning is to develop an appropriate and fiscally responsible plan that enhances quality of life. Each care plan we design focuses on maintaining independence for as long as possible. Each client will receive the Lifestyle 360 ™ Optimal Care Binder that lays out all the resources you need at your fingertips.

Part III. Care Coordination and Management

If you sign up for our Lifestyle 360™ Geriatric Care Program we continue to monitor, periodically revise plans based on client preferences and their changing needs. Implementing and coordinating care is an ongoing service, and it is contingent on a client’s changing medical needs. While seniors prefer their independence, there will be times when full independence is not realistic or recommended. Our Geriatric Care Manager provide the expertise and resource it takes to maximize independence while promoting ongoing health, safety and sanity. On  a Weekly, Monthly or As Needed bases, our care management services include:

  • Conduct wellness call to see if there are any services that clients need. Check with caregivers to ensure they are getting the proper care and complying with medical treatment.
  • Assist in scheduling medical appointments and ensuring adequate transportation to appointments. If none, we will schedule transportation.We encouraging timely patient interaction with post- acute care providers, and patient/ caregiver self-management support.
  • Managing In-home caregivers that you hire directly or through an agency. If you need occasional assistance, we can sent out a chore and errand specialist.
  • Acting as a liaison to families at a distance by providing status updates after each visit.
  • Provide any updates to designated family members.
  • We encouraging timely patient interaction with post- acute care providers, and patient/ caregiver self-management support.
  • Refer housekeepers and landscaping professionals from our network.
  • Conducting home visits to monitors needs assessment and immediately recommend any plan updates. We will reassess all domains of care, identify gaps, and revise plans as necessary.
  • Provide health and Nutrition Coaching
  • Monitoring bill payment and proper account balances. This helps monitor for fraudulent activities.
  • Medication Management audit will identify compliance or any lapses in medical treatment. We will work out a plan to eliminate these issues.
  • Provide any updates to designated family members.
  • We even attend some appointments, and communicate with medical professionals to help clients makes sense of treatment options or update long distance family members. We can providing client and family education with easily understood post- discharge educations.
  • Identifying agencies and/or social services and other programs that your loved one can utilize for assistance.
  • Screening, arranging, and monitoring in-home service providers.
  • Assistance completing forms for resources.
  • Assisted Living or Health Facility Placement Referral Services
  • Manage Transitions to new homes or health facilities.


We are a village of professionals looking out for you! By working with Aging Well Roanoke for ongoing Geriatric Care Management, you get access to members only:

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