It Takes a Village….

Aging Well Roanoke Valley is at your service…

We are a network of professionals specializing in Geriatric Care Management. We know firsthand that maintaining an active lifestyle, increasing independence and remaining in the environment of their choosing is crucial to enhancing their quality of life.We empower our clients power of choice in three ways:

  1. For our Aging-In-Place clients, Our Geriatric Care Managers administer our proprietary Lifestyle 360 assessment based on the top domains of aging to consult, identify, and coordinate any resources clients need. We connect you to in-home assistants, and community based services.  
  2. For our clients who are considering relocation to senior living facilities, we refer you to the top facilities in the Valley. We guide you on narrowing and choosing the best facilities based on your specifications.  
  3. For our clients who have made the decision to relocate,  we will assist in your transition program, by coordinating your entire move.

We Celebrate and Honor Aging! We are a support system for:

  • Baby boomers.
  • Recent retirees.
  • Independent older adults.
  • Caregivers of older adults.

Above all, at Aging Well Roanoke Valley, our goal is to give back to the community, strengthen the access to services, and help seniors focus on optimal living.  We look forward to assisting your and your family for years to come!