Are you stressed, tired and perhaps, confused?

Presentation2We know it is not easy picking up the pieces when you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a health crisis .  Our top priorities at Senior Lifestyle Concierge is to prepare a holistic strategies for our clients to  heal quicker, reduce hospitalizations, increase mental well-being and remain safe in their own homes as long as possible.

With our Lifestyle 360™ concept, our goal at Senior Lifestyle Concierge is to empower each client, their family members, and medical professionals to work together to bring about an optimal level of health.

You know you will need a care manager when:

  • Recent hospitalization requires close monitoring after discharge to prevent re-hospitalization.
  • You don’t know where to start to find resources and services for an impaired loved one
  • Family or decision-makers are here, but loved one is out of town
  • Loved one needs support to maintain independence
  • There are multiple diagnoses, which complicate decision-making
  • Need an outside objective person to present unbiased options and recommendations
  • Family members disagree about next steps
  • Could do a lot with a “road map” and some “short-lists”
  • Caregiver is very stressed and overwhelmed, or having health-related issues also as a result of the burden of caregiving-Affects sleep, appetite, mood, relationships, etc.“Dropping balls”
  • Struggling with balancing safety/ health, and independence
  • Loved one refuses help


Select this option for a one-time detailed assessment and plan to understand how you can prepare to remain safe and sound in your on home for as as long as possible.


Select this option if you want on-going care management and supportive services for your loved on who are living on their own.  This is a caregivers partner in effective caring. It is perfect for caregivers that live at a distance or need assistance balancing work/caregiver duties.


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